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For Content Creators
For Mentors & Supporters

Adam Sharp's welcome address at 2021 Catalyst Content Festival

Catalyst has partnered with NATAS, the National Academy of TV Arts & Sciences to create a trusted, annualized pathway for new voices & storytelling artists to enter the television industry through professional mentorships. This is a highly curated program to ensure useful matches between artists and mentors.
The Truth About Making a Series
Because your story is in a series format, it is not good enough for you to just be talented and have a good story idea. You need to simultaneously build a network of people who believe in your ability to create an entire series that doesn't exist yet. Creating your show is as much about who YOU are as a person as it is about the story you're telling.
This is why the series side of the business can seem so much more difficult to breakthrough - because it's all about relationships and trust. And that takes time (years) and opportunity.
Types of Artists Accepted
Content creators, writers, directors, videographers, producers, actors, news anchors, and reporters, ages 18+.
Types of Content Accepted
  • Narrative/episodic/serialized content of any genre, length, style, and type: comedy, drama, thriller, scripted, unscripted, documentary, limited series, social media, influencer, short form,"half-hour", "hour-long", radio, podcast, reality, talk show, game show, animation, kids, gaming, VR, mobile, etc.

  • Projects can be in any stage of development: pitch, script, in-production, post-production, or completed.

  • Your projects can have any number of episodes. Projects with an average runtime of 15 minutes or less per episode will be considered "short form".


Storieroad registration is open everyday, year round and grants access for 12months from the date of registration. IMPORTANT: Registering for the institute does not automatically guarantee mentorship. Read more about the mentor process below.


Scholarships may be available for artists that demonstrate financial need. To begin the scholarship request process, click here.

The Process

The key to establishing a productive connection is taking the time to work with content creators & develop their project materials to the point where they are ready to be connected with an industry mentor. This institute process can take anywhere from 6-12 months and includes, at a minimum:

  • A general meeting with our team to discuss your career path & goals

  • Watching over 30+ hours of seminars & educational programming that covers the process of making TV

  • A creative notes meeting with our team to discuss your project

  • Reworking our project baed on the notes given during the meetings

  • Attending multiple group pitch sessions to practice presenting your show idea to other creatives


If a content creator completes the institute program & is selected to be a mentee, they will be connected to an industry professional for one-on-one mentorship. Catalyst's pool of mentors come from across the TV landscape including current NATAS members and more. Once a mentorship pair is established, the mentee will receive, at a minimum:

  • One general meeting with the mentor to discuss career goals

  • One creative meeting with the mentor to discuss creative notes

  • A career development opportunity. This can take many forms, such as shadowing on a production, working in a studio, recommendations on potential jobs, etc.

This mentorship is meant to open doors and establish the opportunity for advancement in the TV industry. This program is just the beginning of an artist's creative journey.

For Content Creators
For Mentors & Supporters

  • Director/Editor Justin Joseph-Hall & Producer Mike Mee through the NY NATAS Chapter

  • Writer/Producer Laurie Criego & Writer/Director/Producer Pamela Cederquist (Mindhunter)

  • Writer John Gaspard & Writer/Director/Producer Pamela Cederquist (Mindhunter)

  • Writer Lillie Gardner & Showrunner Jessica Goldberg (Away, The Path)

  • Actress Eve Black & Programming Manager Alex Hicks (History Channel)

  • Writer Mark Bradley & Programming Manager Alex Hicks (History Channel)

  • Documentarian Nicholas Stange & President of the Upper Midwest Emmy Foundation, Diana Pierce

  • Writer/Actress Mikala Stacer & Director/Writer Kris Lefcoe (Superstore)

  • Writer Saninye Alasia & Writer/Story Editor Jackie Decembly (4400)

  • Producer Emma Slade & Director Rachel Goldberg

  • Composer Dan Rufolo & Music Editor/Engineer Jason Tregoe Newman

  • Actress/Writer/Director LJ Johnson & Producer/Former Network Exec Adam Fratto

  • Director/Producer Gabor Herendi & Producer/Former Network Exec Adam Fratto

  • Actress/Producer Mischa App & Producer David Schatanoff, Jr. 

Additional FAQS

Do I have to be accepted into the festival to be in Storieroad & get meetings?

No. The festival has no impact on your ability to be a part of Storieroad.

Who are the Industry Professionals Involved?

The industry producers, casting directors, writers, directors, lawyers, agents, speakers and other professionals who partner with us changes every year.

Are all projects submitted to Storieroad automatically accepted into the festival?

No. All Storieroad projects are automatically submitted for festival consideration but are not automatically selected to screen at the October festival event. Projects will go through the normal festival selection process.

Do projects have to be in Storieroad to win awards at the festival?

No. All projects selected to screen at the festival are eligible for awards in their appropriate categories.

Do I have to attend the festival in Duluth in October for my meetings?

No. While we strongly encourage you to attend so that you can meet other industry professionals and creators, it is not required.

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