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Welcome to the Future: Catalyst Partners with Entertainmint for the 2022 Content Festival

This year Catalyst is focused on the future, and on helping creators understand that the web3 shift that’s coming does not just hold huge potential in terms of DeFi; it holds huge potential for the future of the creator economy and placing artists at the center of it (and not off to the side, as they are now.)

That’s why we’re partnering with Entertainmint as our Title Sponsor this year and we could not be more excited! is web3 one-stop-shop for creating and fostering community around indie content. They are challenging the traditional streamer model with a community funding and world-building approach, powered by Web3, that allows creators to pair directly with fans on show creation, world-building, and more.

For too long, creators have been shunted to the side and stripped of control when their work is picked up, if it’s picked up at all. For too long, creators have been underpaid and overworked, with zero upside when the stories they make go off and make millions on the open market. And for too long, a handful of top-heavy streamers with arbitrary gatekeepers have decided what everyone in America watches, with a focus on lowest-common denominator and remaking old “safe” stories.

At Entertainmint, creators retain 100% control. They help creators generate revenue on their work by minting and selling multi-tiered fan and brand engagement utility NFTs. What does this look like? Fans today want to engage at a “base, medium or high level” of sponsorship into a show that’s in creation—they don’t just want to watch something made and handed to them; they want to be IN it as it’s made! A good example of a “show raise” looks like this: at base level, a buyer might purchase a ticket to the show and a T-shirt, but at the top of the show, they might be purchasing an Associate Producer title, their name in the credits and a selfie with the stars. Brands want to buy in too! Imagine a future where Vogue sponsors your costumes and Soundcloud sponsors your sound. That world is not far away!

At the heart of Entertainmint’s process is helping creators retain control and raise funding, but they intend to move quickly into streaming and long-tail monetization and development. Creators don’t just have the option to raise patronage on the site; they can also do teaser NFT drops to test new show ideas, “world-building” drops of merch and digital art around an established concept-either one built on our platform or another streamer or network.

Entertainmint is not your usual, inscrutable web3 play. The company is taking a “web 2.5” approach to its work—everything you can do on the site with a wallet can also be done with a VISA/Mastercard. The only difference is the “ticket into” the experience—it’s an NFT or a screenshot, depending on which way you come in. The product, however, remains the same-a way into an exciting process filled with drama, stars and storytelling, where fans are working directly alongside creators to make a vision come to life. If your grandma wants to buy into your show, and even give a donation, great! If your NFT-savvy pal wants to connect their wallet and buy in too, great! Everyone can play at Entertainmint, and everyone wins.

This year, we’re going to be weaving the future into our conference and explaining how YOU can be at the center of it, instead of on the sidelines. Our conference in fall will be offering workshops on web3, the metaverse and AR/VR and featuring (alongside our normal programming,) talks on entering the metaverse, building in web3 and collaborating with fandoms to make your work instead of courting increasingly remote streaming gatekeepers.

It’s a bright future and we’re going to make it together! So stay tuned.

See more at and on their socials!

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