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Why 'The Baby-Sitters Club' Wasn’t Enough for Netflix Anymore

March 17, 2022 | Per Vulture:

“I don’t know what they wanted that they didn’t get.” Rachel Shukert is talking about her series The Baby-Sitters Club, which Netflix canceled last week after two widely critically acclaimed seasons, a handful of industry awards, and, according to Shukert, viewership that exceeded the streamer’s expectations. The end of the show continues a pattern for Netflix, which often cancels popular series after two seasons. Increasingly, Shukert says, the streamer is prioritizing shows whose viewers binge — and complete — new seasons upon release, making it more difficult for quietly beloved shows like The Baby-Sitters Club, Teenage Bounty Hunters, or Everything Sucks! to succeed on the platform, especially in the face of global megahits such as Narcos or Money Heist.

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