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Here at Catalyst, we understand the importance of telling all kinds of different stories. We see an increasing output of content surrounding the sports world and the people involved in it, with nowhere for it to go. We believe in the bonds, opportunities, lessons, and life changing experiences that sports can make in the lives of individuals and communities and want to provide creators the opportunity to share those stories.

What is the Sports Entertainment category?

This category is an opportunity for those wishing to tell stories revolving around the sports world to be able to showcase their content in a space that is made for them. We see this category as an opportunity for us to provide community engagement opportunities for Catalyst. The category will be broken up into 3 subcategories:

  • Scripted

    • Short form (3-10 min/episode)​

    • ​Long form (11-22 min/episode)​

  • Unscripted

    • Short form (3-10 min/episode)​

    • ​Long form (11-22 min/episode)

  • Limited Series

What mediums or formats are accepted?

We are currently only accepting fully produced video content. Scripts, pitches, and uncompleted work are not accepted at this time. Live game broadcasts, commercials, and films are not accepted. Those who do not have fully produced video content are still welcomed to attend the festival to see speakers, panels, to learn, and participate in networking opportunities!

How much content can I include in my submission?

The Scripted and Unscripted subcategories allows creators to submit one episode that is a minimum of 3 minutes and no more than 22 minutes. The Limited Series subcategory requires creators to submit content from a minimum of 3 episodes with overall submission content not exceeding 30 minutes. The limited series category allows more to be submitted (not required to cut episodes into clips); however, no more than 10 minutes from 3 different episodes will be judged. In addition, any limited series category submissions cannot be open ended stories. They must have an end for the series in mind.

Are my credits included in my overall time?

No, your credits are not included in the overall time of your episode. Introductions, titles and opening sequences are included, but end credits are not. We will not be accepting projects that include footage during or after their end credit roll. Projects must align with National Academy of TV Arts and Sciences broadcast standards.

When can I submit?

Our 2023 Film Freeway submissions are open NOW! You can submit from February 1-June 24, 2023.

Where can I submit?

You can submit your content by visiting our Film Freeway page for whichever festival you wish to submit to. On the right there will be a column labeled "Categories & Fees". Expand the second to last tab labeled "SPORTS: VIDEO" and click the green "Submit Now" button. On the Lake Placid Catalyst page, the sports option will be labeled "VIDEO: Sports pilot/series" and will be the fifth option down in the list. 


Have additional Questions about this category?

Reach out to us at!

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